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Los últimos posts de la regata (Twitter e Instagram). Enviado desde el organizador y directamente desde el barco de la regata.

Team Turn tide on plastic:

"It's early morning in Europe. Sunrise in NYC. But on the good ship #TurnTheTideonPlastic we've lost all sense of space and time. I think that's secretly how the sailors like it." ✏️@_samgreenfield_ @volvooceanrace


"Looking ahead we have a day or two of these pleasant conditions before the Southern Ocean starts to show her true colours, but if we hang in there the route looks fast to the exit at Cape Horn." @deecaffari 📸 @_samgreenfield_ @volvooceanrace #Musto #OceanHero

0700utc Pos Rep, the fleet is rotating south east under the high pressure and now well into the “furious fifties”. The wind is in the north 20-25knots, boat speed = wind speed, air & sea temp is relatively warm (10°/12°). @Vestas11thHour lead but its still early days #watchlog

📝 Team Blog ⛵️
"We have made it. Finally we are in the furious fifties. We have waved goodbye to the roaring forties and have dipped to the furthest south most of my crew have ever been." 🤓 Read full blog 👇 📸 @_samgreenfield_ @volvooceanrace


Been a good first few days, loving being in the mix. Can see Mapfre/Dongfeng up ahead. Starting to get cold now,water temp dropping quickly!

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Taiwan Boat Show 2018 opens #taiwanboatshow #台灣國際遊艇展 #TIBS #2018台灣國際遊艇展 #2018TIBS #China #Taiwan

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2018 London Boat Show as a five-day event with more than 52,000 visitors #lbs18 #londonboatshow

How to tie a knot! 👏
We should open a section of online teaching! 😂🤣
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Norberto Moreau es co-fundador de Allied Management Ltd Grupo de Consultores (Hong Kong, Reino Unido, España). El grupo y sus socios tienen actividades en Yachting, Propiedades, Eventos y Servicios en Línea.
Actividad con proyectos propios (70%) / consultoría (30%).

Norberto Moreau está disponible para Consultoría de Negocios en todo el mundo dirigido a Ferias, Regatas etc.
⭐️ Conocimientos profundos en Relaciones Públicas, colaboración con Prensas, Redes Sociales.
⭐️ Experiencias como Consultor temporalmente en función de Director de TI (CIO), Director de RR.PP., Jefe de Prensa, Social Media Manager. El entiende el mundo corporativo.
⭐️ Tiene mucho experiencia de viajar y es independiente.
⭐️ Fluido en varios idiomas para conferencias, negociaciones, contratos, artículos periodísticos y redes sociales.

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