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Team Vestas:

✔️ Carbon footprint offset
♻️ Waste footprint compensated
😅 Sustainability report published
#LeadingSustainability meant a lot of long nights & longer excel sheets - but we couldn't be prouder! Read our 2017-18 @volvooceanrace Sustainability Report

✔ Sailors become scientists 🤓
✔ Inspiring 100,000 kids in 40 countries 🙌
✔ Uniting sport to beat plastic pollution 💪

Here's how we motivated millions of people to turn the tide on plastic – by doing things differently

"The biggest problem remains the waste that enters our oceans. For certain the efforts by many around the globe to combat this issue have increased tremendously over the last few years." - Anderson Reggio, @Vestas11thHour Team Member #TuesdayThoughts

What does it take to do a @volvooceanrace? There were lots of friendly faces working hard behind the scenes to get @Vestas11thHour from port to port, and engage with our many stakeholders. Here's a sneak peek into our day-to-day life... 🎥:

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