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Team Brunel:

🎥 @brunelsailing Race Review #VolvoOceanRace 2017-18

With 8 time veteran Bouwe Bekking and sailing superstar @peteburling onboard, plus a mix of rookies and veterans, @brunelsailing were a formidable team, rising rapidly to challenge for the trophy in the 2nd half of the race.

Can't you just look at these drone shots all day?!😍 Which photo from the last @volvooceanrace do you like best? #teambrunel


GETTING HIGH😱! One of the best moments in this @volvooceanrace. Watch how we helped kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen set a new world record at an incredible 277 meters👀! #teambrunel

No Pain. No Gain. It's as simple as that. Could YOU Take It👍👎? #teambrunel #volvooceanrace

IS THIS THE NEXT STEP😱?! Drones allowed you to follow us around the globe from your comfy chair. Yet, we always want harder, better, faster! That's why we partnered up with the @DroneRaceLeague to see what the future holds for us! #teambrunel

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